Taxis in London are quite pricey (officially, a 1 mile journey can cost between £5.60 – £9 depending on the time of day, according to the Transport for London website). However, as we all know, they are sometimes necessary! Taxis can be hailed when their amber light is on; if you’re looking for one, simply head to the nearest main road near you and you’ll soon see one driving by.

Driving in Kensington & Chelsea

As of 24th December 2010, Kensington & Chelsea is no longer in the Congestion Charge zone in London. You do not have to pay the charge to drive within or through the borough of Kensington & Chelsea.

However, don’t forget that if you’re planning to drive to central London, you do have to pay for the charge! You must pay £10 for each day that you drive within the Congestion Charge zone; payments can be made before and on the day of travel (up to midnight that day) – if not, you have to pay £12 on the following day and if you still forget, then you will be charged a fine!

You can pay online, by phone, or at various shops. See the Congestion Charge website for full info.

The Congestion Charge operates Monday to Friday, from 7am to 6pm. If you drive in the zone outside of these hours, you do not have the pay the charge. It’s also useful to know that the Congestion Charge does not operate on public holidays, or between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Parking in Kensington & Chelsea

Parking can sometimes be a problem in the area. There are a fair amount of meters dotted around everywhere, but some streets do get quite full and busy – you might spend some time driving around before you can find somewhere to park. It is also possible to park in residents’ parking bays outside of their hours of operation. Local signs will tell you when the bays are operating – if it is outside of these hours, you can park there!

There are also a number of parking garages in the area.

The local council website does have a useful guide on visitor parking in the area.

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