Here’s our pick for the best pubs and bars in Kensington!

The Devonshire Arms
37 Marloes Road, W8 6LA
Underground: High Street Kensington or Earl’s Court
Renovated a few years back, this has now become a very firm Kensington favourite! Top notch selection of beer and wine, and very welcoming and cosy interior. Front garden for seating (open all year round if you are brave enough!) which hosts BBQs in the summer months. A very popular place, especially on the weekends. Tasty food too, so a great place to come for Sunday lunch.

The Abingdon
54 Abingdon Road, W8 6AP
Underground: High Street Kensington
Part bar, part restaurant, I can vouch that the meals here are very tasty indeed, with amazingly quick service! Hot snacks also available in the bar area. A nice place to unwind after work with a nice glass of wine. Outside seating during summer.

Pubs & Bars in Kensington - The ScarsdaleThe Scarsdale

The Scarsdale Tavern
23a Edwardes Square, W8 6HE
Underground: High Street Kensington or Earl’s Court
A lovely place for a meal or drink (or both!). A typical English pub, frequented by locals (as the houses in the Square cost £4-£5million, there are probably more millionaires here than in any other pub in London). Beautifully kept with a wonderful front garden complete with tables to sit at, flowers and trees providing shade. You’ll find it absolutely packed on summer nights!

The Hansom Cab
84-86 Earls Court Road, W8 6EG
Underground: High Street Kensington or Earl’s Court
What was once a slightly ramshackle corner pub is now a smart and upmarket boozer – and thankfully no longer owned by a certain ex-tabloid editor. (It’s much better for it!) Excellent food and a good choice of drinks.

The Windsor Castle
114 Campden Hill Road, W8 7AR
Underground: Notting Hill Gate
A great little pub – perfect for cold winters or hot summer nights! The old-fashioned interior, with its small door partitions and little nooks and crannies, gives it a really cosy feel. A fabulous sized beer garden (with its own bar!) means it’s a great place to go in summer too. Ever so slightly “off the beaten track”, it’s still a very popular place. Traditional ales and excellent food too – not your typical pub fare, that’s for sure.

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