Hello there, I’m Anna Zgorelec – the writer, author and creator of this website. I’ve been a resident of Kensington and Chelsea for almost my entire life, and way back in 1998 I thought I would start this website to help visitors to this lovely area of London. Over TWO decades later, this site is still going strong!

I actually run a few other websites: A guide to Notting Hill is just as the title suggests, whilst Visit Croatia is a guide to the beautiful country of Croatia. I created the former because I know that area very well; I do the latter because I am of Croatian origin and am trying to promote the country and provide information about it. There’s also London Budget which provides tips for visiting London…on a budget.

Contact Me

If you have any comments, please do email me at webmaster@kensington-chelsea.com.

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  1. Dear Anna
    this website does not give your email address! or a telephone number. I have been trying to find your details for days as we were keen to invite you to the opening of the brand new Spaghetti House restaurant which opens tomorrow at 9 Kensington High st – we have the local Mayor coming, the press and several VIP’s – although it;s very short notice, I would love you to attend My number is 07774234 899 . I will not be checking my emails tomorrow morning but would love to hear from you and I have info to submit for your restaurant section. Many thanks. Luisa Welch

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