Property in Kensington and Chelsea is some of the most expensive property in the whole of the UK. Parts of the borough have always had fairly exclusive property – Kensington, South Kensington and Chelsea – whilst other areas have seen property prices spiral due to relatively recent regeneration – Notting Hill, for one.

Kensington Palace Gardens, a road stretching between Notting Hill Gate and Kensington High Street and adjacent to Kensington Gardens, contains some amazingly expensive houses that are the homes of some very wealthy residents! The road is therefore, unsurprisingly, nicknamed ” Billionaires’ Row”. Many of the houses are former embassies, although some are still used as embassies or ambassadors’ residences.

Houses in Upper Phillimore Gardens – a few streets north of Kensington High Street – are also known to be incredibly expensive; a house there sold for £80 million in early 2008. The house used to be a girls’ primary school – and I sure know, as I used to be a pupil there! I smile when I think of the new owners lounging around in their high tech cinema room (or whatever), in the same space where I used to have disgusting school dinners…

Estate Agents in Kensington & Chelsea

Listed below are some estate agents that deal with property in Kensington and Chelsea:

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