Here’s a map of Kensington and Chelsea showing its actual boundaries, insofar as its geographical area as a London borough. The different areas of Kensington and Chelsea I’ve marked in the different colours; they are (from top): orange – North Kensington; yellow – Ladbroke Grove; red – Notting Hill; green – Holland Park; turquoise – Kensington; pink – Earl’s Court; dark green – South Kensington; blue – Knightsbridge; purple – Chelsea.

Two things to note! The way I’ve marked out the different areas of Kensington & Chelsea is based on my own opinion and I’ve tried to be as thorough as possible. If I’ve “drawn” a boundary a few streets away from where you might consider it to be, please forgive me! Secondly, some neighbouring areas or streets to these areas are probably considered part of them technically, just not within the confines of Kensington and Chelsea. For example, those streets to the right of the Notting Hill boundary – up to maybe Portchester Road – I would consider to be Notting Hill.

Anyway, use the map to scroll around and zoom in and out of. Also use the link below the map of Kensington and Chelsea to view a full-sized version in your browser.

View Kensington & Chelsea in a larger map

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    1. I really liked your map and notes on the various areas, along with the historical snippets. It was very helpful. Thank you Drew.

  2. Ladbroke Grove is not an area -Notting Dale forms Southern part of your Ladbroke Grove map and Notting Hill the Northern part of your Ladbroke Grove map (W11-which includes the Methodist Church of Notting Hill)
    Trust me if you live in Bramley Rd or Treadgold St you would never in a million years say you lived in Ladbroke Grove-area. Ladbroke Grove Station was i believe was also called Notting hill Station when it was opened.

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