One of the best things about London is its very extensive transport system – so it’s no surprise that transport in Kensington & Chelsea makes it very easy to get around the Borough. There’s really no need to rent a car during your stay (the only exception being if perhaps you’re considering trips outside London), and the additional costs incurred – say, with parking, petrol and the congestion charge (if you drive to Central London) means this particular type of transport starts to get pricey pretty quickly.

The are a number of Underground stations within Kensington and Chelsea, although taking ‘the Tube’ for short hops probably isn’t the most cost-effective way of getting around. Buses are probably your best bet, in that case – there are many bus routes through the Borough so making a short journey through the Borough is easy to do. Taxis, of course, are probably the easiest option of all – although, unfortunately, expensive! For those looking to add a bit of exercise into their journey, why not try cycling in Kensington and Chelsea?

Guides to Transport in Kensington and Chelsea

Here we present you with various options for getting around the Borough:

The Underground

What stations are in the area, and tips for using the Underground and saving money.


Many, many bus routes go through Kensington & Chelsea – here’s a useful list.

Taxis & Driving

Tips on using taxis, and also for driving (and parking).


How to use the London cycle hire scheme – there’s many bike stations all across the area!

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