Luckily for travellers to this local area (as well as London in general), there’s an ever-growing amount of places to stay in Kensington and Chelsea. Better still, there’s something for all budgets and situations – whether you’d like luxury, or want to stay in a hostel, or want to try something a little different such as couchsurfing or renting a room.

You’ll probably find the cheapest deals for accommodation in Kensington and Chelsea, and elsewhere in London, on one of the numerous accommodation portal websites – some are general travel websites, such as Expedia; others offer only accommodation, such as TotalStay; whilst others still are specific to London, such as . You may also be able to find some great deals direct from hotels’ websites. They very often offer special deals for Internet bookings.

Cheaper accommodation can be found in hostels, as well as in university halls of residence, which are mainly let out mainly during the summer (although sometimes during other times of year as well).

See our guide to the various places to stay in Kensington and Chelsea using the following links:

Hotels in Kensington and Chelsea

There’s a fine selection of hotels through the area – see our pages on Hotels in Kensington and Hotels in Chelsea.

Apartments in Kensington and Chelsea

For those looking for something a little more longer-term than a hotel – and who perhaps also need a bit more space – see our guide to apartments in Kensington and Chelsea and how to rent them.

Hostels & University Accommodation in Kensington and Chelsea

For those looking for something that offers a bit more value for money, check out our page on Hostels & University Accommodation in Kensington and Chelsea.

3 Comments on “Places to Stay in Kensington and Chelsea”

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  2. Hallo,
    I am one ofthe two leaders of a group of 19 students.
    we need accommodation from Monday 19.May – Friday 23. May 2014-
    We need:
    2 x single rooms=2
    2×2 twinbedded rooms=4
    and rooms for 6 girls 2×3 or any other combination=6
    and rooms for 9 boys3x3 or any other combination=9
    Thank you

    1. Hi Helmut – sorry, I personally can’t help you book accommodation! But give the places above a go!

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