We come to perhaps one of the most researched pages of this website! This is a guide to some of the excellent pubs and bars in Kensington and Chelsea. The one thing you will notice on your visit to London, and indeed elsewhere in Britian, is that you are never very far from a pub. Perhaps that says a lot about the British. (Obviously that we’re a jolly lot!)

There are hundreds of standard pubs dotted around in London in general, as well as in Kensington and Chelsea, and some are better than others. However, here we bring you what we think are some of the best in the area.

Pubs in Chelsea

Pubs in SW3

Pubs in Kensington

W8’s finest pubs

Pubs in Notting Hill

Notting’s Hill top bars and pubs (note – this goes through to our sister site!)

Pubs in Holland Park

Pubs in the western part of W11, and in W14

Pubs in South Kensington

The best places to drink around South Kensington and Gloucester Road

Pubs in Earls Court

Around the SW5 area

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