Feng Sushi in Kensington introduces their Grab & Go takeaway range

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Feng Sushi Grab & Go

Most of you Kensington locals will surely have taken a delivery of Feng Sushi at some point in their lives – I’m certainly no exception! From their 11-piece salmon box (which I keep all to myself and never share with anyone) to their seaweed salad, their Japanese fish and chips – I’ve certainly indulged a number of times of the years.

News reaches us that Feng Sushi have recently launched a number of takeaway options – their Grab & Go range – which is available at some of their branches including Kensington Church Street. So rather than calling up to arrange a delivery or pick-up, you can simply pop by and pick up one of their selection of sushi boxes and some of their hot mains  – perfect for lunch, or perhaps to share as a snack amongst your friends or colleagues. (Unless you’re like me and you don’t “do” sharing!)

Feng Sushi Kensington Church Street

Feng Sushi Kensington Church Street

I sampled one of their sushi boxes yesterday,  the salmon and avocado roll box. Ten very generously proportioned maki in brown rice made for a very filling meal although – as with so many of Feng Sushi’s options – one that’s pleasingly light too. The fish tasted extremely fresh; Feng Sushi’s salmon is sustainably sourced, as is all their fish – in this case from Loch Duart, Scotland . The heathy serving of edamame was a very welcome addition (why don’t more places include this in their sushi boxes?!) as a side snack which I had fully intended to “save for later” but unfortunately became far too more-ish for that to actually happen!

Feng Sushi Grab & Go

Salmon & Avocado Box

Feng Sushi Grab & Go

Tasty Salmon & Avocado Maki!

Priced at only £4.75, is a very reasonable option for a proper lunch choice that will certainly satisfy your hunger. There’s of course larger options too: the Salmon & Tuna Box featuring rolls and sashimi (£8.75 – pictured below) that’s one of their most popular boxes, or smaller items such as the soba noodle salad (£3.75). For those looking for something a little more warming – perhaps on a dreary London day – you can choose from Katsu Curry, Vegetarian Katsu Curry, Miso Salmon with Udon Noodles or the Tuna Hot Pot.

Feng Sushi Grab & Go

Salmon & Tuna Box

Based on my experience, I’d say that Feng Sushi’s takeaway sushi boxes easily match (actually, exceed!) any of the other takeaway options on the High Street. Their prices are very reasonable indeed, especially given the portion size and what’s included in each “box”.

I also sampled a portion of their katsu curry which, despite being just a taster size, was very nicely displayed with a snug ball of white rice, pickled ginger, katsu curry sauce and a slice of deep fried butternut squash on top. I’ve never actually tried a vegetarian katsu curry option, but the butternut squash was a very tasty option that went well together with the katsu curry sauce which was simply divine. Now that’s something I’ll certainly be coming back to.

If you’re hankering after some sushi or a hot Japanese dish today, why not pop in to Feng Sushi on Kensington Church Street and see what takeaway options they have in store?

Don’t forget that Feng Sushi have a location on Notting Hill Gate where their sushi Grab & Go options are also available.

Feng Sushi
24 Kensington Church Street
W8 4EP


101 Notting Hill Gate
W11 3JZ

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