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The Round Pond in Kensington Gardens

The past week or so, we’ve been very lucky to receive some wonderful, summer-like weather in London, with brilliant sun and temperatures in the mid- to high- 20s (Centigrade, of course!). One of the wonderful things about Kensington is its parks and open spaces – and where better to go to enjoy the wonderful weather! Kensington Gardens is the largest park in the area, and is home to the Round Pond (near the entrances on Kensington High Street). There’s always a wonderful variety of birds enjoying the water there (or sunbathing – I suppose – just next to it), so I thought I’d pick up my camera and take a few snaps. There’s also a few photos for the parts of the park near the Round Pond, including Kensington Palace and the newly opened gardens just next to it!

Click on any photo for a larger version, or to start a slideshow – clicking on the left or right of any of the larger images will take you backwards and forewards between the photos.


2 Responses to “The Round Pond in Kensington Gardens”

  1. I regularly, very regularly, walk in Kensington Gdns, mostly around the Round Pond. I returned from Scotland and walked around the pond yesterday for the first time for over three weeks and was dismayed and somewhat disgusted by the state of the Pond. I accept the algae, if that is what it is called, is probably unavoidable, but how often is the water ‘swept’ for debris, namely loads of plastic bags, bottles and the like. I noticed there was a family of ducklings – the last family I saw some few months ago disappeared pretty quickly, and such debris must surely be a hazard risk for young birds. I would also ask where the Egyptian geese are – there used to be a permanent pair with regular broods of goslings.

    Posted by Barbara Campbell | 6 September 2012, 8:59 am
  2. I saw the Egyptian Geese today with a large brood of healthy goslings huddled together for warmth.

    Posted by D Adams | 23 October 2012, 4:08 pm

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