Spaghetti House pays tribute to spaghetti bolognese for National Eating Out Week

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As part of the third National Eating Out Week (on from 19th to 25th November 2012), five international dishes that have been adopted, accepted and are now well loved by the British public are to be honoured – including the fabulous Italian favourite, spaghetti bolognese.

London-based Italian restaurant group Spaghetti House will be paying tribute to this dish on Tuesday 20th November – which is “Spag Bol Day” – and during the rest of National Eating Out Week. Spaghetti House in fact introduced the dish 57 years ago and played a great part in helping establish its popularity. Listed as Le Ricette di Famiglia on their menu, this is one of the original recipes from the restaurant’s founding Lavarini family and is still used today – a sumptuous dish, featuring classic slow-cooked beef ragu with plum tomatoes, red wine and herbs. Priced at £9.50, this is sure to be as popular on “Spag Bol Day” and the rest of the week as it normally is – over 6,000 dishes are sold per month!

Spaghetti House

Founded in 1957 with their first restaurant on Goodge Street in Fitzrovia, Spaghetti House taught Londoners how to eat pasta the Italian way; even back then, olive oil, Parma ham and fresh parmesan were all served as standard. Despite the evolving times (gluten free pasta is now also served), the restaurant group is still family owned. Luigi Lavarini, eldest son of the founder Simone Lavarini, comments: ‘My father had a simple motto, ‘spaghetti, but not on toast!’ and the popularity of our excellent Spag Bol proves that it still good today’.

National Eating Out Week is organised by The Federation of Specialist Restaurants to celebrate the variety of international cuisines in Britain. The Week also raises funds for the malnourished and poverty stricken around the world.

Come celebrate National Eating Out Week and Spag Bol Day at Spaghetti House in Kensington!

National Eating Out Week at Spaghetti House
19th – 25th November 2012
9 Kensington High Street
W8 5NP

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