Royal Wedding Paddle!

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We were recently forwarded details about a great – and surely unique – way of celebrating tomorrow’s Royal Wedding!

Chelsea Kayak Club, keen to do their bit for this very special day, will be hosting a boat trip on the Thames to Westminster, lead by two special Union Jack clad kayaks that have been renamed “Wills” and “Kate” for the occasion.

The boat trip will set off from Cremorne Riverside about an hour before proceedings begin, paddling on the River Thames to near Westminster Bridge. Participants will be able to see Westminster Abbey from there, although the group will also have handheld devices streaming live video and radio, so all events inside the Abbey can also be closely followed.

“We were surprised how well the boats looked when we were finished and are really happy with the result – even if they do have that Austin Powers look about them! It’s not every day we get to be part of historic moments, it’s good to look back and know exactly where you were and what you were doing at the time and our Royal Wedding Paddle will definitely make sure of that” says Katie Wade, Social Secretary of Chelsea Kayak Club.

Founded in April 2010, Chelsea Kayak Club is the only dedicated sea touring club in London, regularly kayaking on this stretch of the Thames. The Club currently has approximately 50 adult members, and also frequently organises kayaking trips around the country and abroad. It is affiliated with the British Canoe Union.

More details on the Chelsea Kayak Club website.

Top image: The boats – “Wills” & “Kate”
Bottom image: Katie Wade and Richard Hilson with the boats

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