Latest news – 11th March 2011

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Here’s a round-up of a few new things I’ve noticed in the Kensington area:

Friends of Holland Park
I received a nice letter from the Friends of Holland Park this morning, which was sent out to all local residents. The letter details the activities of the group in protecting and preserving this wonderful west London Park, such as (recently) conserving the beautiful ceramic tiles that are situated next to the cafeteria, contributing to a new irrigation system and the installation of some new benches.

I believe it’s certainly worthwhile becoming a member (current membership stands at around 1,000 people) to support this charity and its work for the Park. As they say themselves, “The Friends of Holland Park exists to save the countryside!”, a sentiment I’d agree with – parts of the Park are very tranquil and almost forest-like, the Park is different to many other London ones and is important to the local community.

More on the group, and how to become a member, can be found at the Friends of Holland Park website. 

New store – Yastik
I noticed a new store on Holland Street, W8 – Yastik by Rifat Ozbek. Do take a look if you’re in the area – this stylish shop sells pillows (“yastik” means “pillow”) in a variety of beautiful patterns by the well-known Turkish fashion designer and has a lovely window display.

News from the local police
A Spring 2011 leaflet from the Abingdon Police Team also recently landed on my doormat, detailing recent initiatives for tackling burglary, vehicle crime and anti-social cycling. The leaflet also mentions that two Crime Prevention surgeries are to be held on Saturday 26th March and Saturday 9th April (outside Stratford Studios on Stratford Road, W8) for anyone that would like to give their views, or for those who would like some advice. (Note: This is only for the Abingdon Ward – check the Kensington & Chelsea Metropolitan Police page for other wards to see when they have scheduled their drop-in events.)

Finally, a rather heartwarming story of the latest team member, a PC Jude Galstaun, rescuing a poor goose that had landed on Cromwell Road in distress, a fish hook stuck in its beak. PC Galstaun managed to coax the bird off the road and kept it safe until the RSPCA arrived. Happily, the hook was removed the the bird’s beak, the goose made a full recovery before being released. A happy ending!

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  1. I play chess in Holland Park and really enjoy it, so think it is worth joining Friends of Holland Park. How much is the annual membership?

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