International contemporary art fair Parallax AF comes to Chelsea in February

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The third edition of the international contemporary art fair Parallax AF is coming to the Chelsea Town Hall on King’s Road this year, from 16th to 18th February. Curated by Dr Chris Barlow – Director of the BFA and P(AF) International – the fair allows clients to buy direct from artists, providing artists an opportunity for presenting their work to national and international dealers, art-industry people, collectors, critics and buyers, without any commission charges. The fair will showcase established and emerging international contemporary artists and this year will feature a wide range of artists from countries including Poland, Russia, Australia, Vietnam, Japan, Venezuela, the UAE, Canada, the UK, the US and others. The artists’ diverse backgrounds coming together at the fair to show cross-over of cultures and an exchange of ideas.

Parallax AF

Parallax AF, also known as P(AF), also highlights and integrates theories of art history on contemporary art and collecting, meaning that the event is also of interest to acamdemics. Event curator Dr Barlow explains:

Each P(AF) is a poetic metaphor, not just an event. There are many assumptions about the art object that affect every aspect of any fair, such as selection committees for example and how they function in relation to objects and knowledge. Where P(AF) differs is that we identify the problem and then rather bravely put it ‘out there’ for public debate. Far from being stuffy or highbrow, the point here is to emphasise a further democratisation of contemporary art so that more people can feel confident about collecting and commenting on visual art culture.

Highlights of this year’s event include Wizard of Ozama by Skope, who is known as the “godfather” of Singaporean art and who will be making his debut in the UK. His canvas, shown below, links together the politics of the Middle East and President Obama.

Wizard Of Ozama

Bente Christensen-Ernst, an artist who is based on the border with Syria and whose work covers the Arab Spring, will also be exhibiting; below you can see her Young Century and If Eye Could Kill.

Bente Christensen, The Young Century

BenteChristensen, If Eyes Could Kill

Another must-see is French artist Vicent Fichard’s Vampires piece, a work which involves flowers an his own blood.

All artwork exhibited at the fair is for sale ranging from £50 to £2000, with full prices going to the artists.

Entry to Parallax AF is entirely free. A series of lectures and talks will also take place during the three days of the fair. An onsite restaurant is available for refreshments.

Full information about Parallax AF and the artists exhibiting at the event can be found at

Parallax AF
10am – 6pm, Thursday 16th February
10am – 6pm, Friday 17th February
10am – 5pm, Saturday 18th February

Chelsea Town Hall
King’s Road

5 Comments on “International contemporary art fair Parallax AF comes to Chelsea in February”

    1. Dear Bente,

      Thanks very much for visiting this post and for commenting. I am terribly sorry about the error – I have corrected this now!



  1. Thank you very much for creating this post and letting people know about Parallax.
    I am participating too, with a series of oil paintings ‘Water Visions & Sea Abstractions’. I present Art with Emotional impact, in a classical sense.
    I am French, I have been leaving and working in London since 12 years. Best Regards, Lorraine

  2. The Premiere has been a great success. People were actually queuing to get in…
    My work will be displayed until Saturday 5pm.
    I show a series of oil paintings “Water Vision & Sea Abstractions” which presents art with great emotional impact, in a classical sense.
    My mobile number is: +44 789 471 1 471 if you wish to make a prior appointment or for any help on the day.

    I hope to see you there,

    All best wishes, Lorraine

  3. Thanks for this great opportunity to be at this edition of the Parallax art fair.
    I will exhibit a selection of my latest works.
    I am looking forward to see all of you there!
    Best Regards


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