Beautiful handcrafted Mayan Guatemalan Bags

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We here at The Guide to Kensington and Chelsea are very happy to help promote all sorts of local businesses, causes and events and we thought we’d shed a little light on a project that we’ve been working on very recently!

We’ve recently set up a small online shop selling recycled, handcrafted bags made by the Mayan people of Guatemala. These bags are recycled from the blouses and dresses that local Mayan women wear, making for some amazingly eye-catching designs.

The recycling of materials in this way means the bags are “eco-friendly”; they are also made in a socially responsible way, with methods that do not involve child labor or processes or procedures that violate human rights in any way. By making these products, the indigenous Guatemalan Mayan people are also able to supplement their own everyday incomes, which largely stem from agriculture.

And – as if all of this wasn’t enough – this bags are definitely on trend this autumn! With their incredibly pretty embroidered floral patterns, the bags – not dissimilar to Mexican and Aztec style designs – are sure to help you stand out!

Please take a look at our Mayan Bags website for more details and to take a look at the wonderful designs!

2 Comments on “Beautiful handcrafted Mayan Guatemalan Bags”

    1. Thank you for your interest. Yes, I can definitely ship to Australia – I use Royal Mail (i.e. post) to send out the items, but can also send them via a faster (but more expensive) method if a customer prefers. If you have any questions about a specific bag or on any other issue, please do ask either on or

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